Official Home Page of Pete Dzoghi

ppWelcome to my home website. Enjoy the generic Dreamweaver factory template. Templates are quick, easy and yes... generic looking. Here I talk about nothing special as I test out Dreamweaver web editing software for the first time. Your leisure time might be better spent watching paint dry than reading what I have slapped together here. I can't guarantee that this site will go to eleven like Nigel Tufnel's amp but at least this website won't be the opening act for a puppet show or military base formal dance in the fleeting days of Spinal Tap. And at least this site is editable, unlike Facebook. Here I will babble on about audio, comedy, labs, elecronic music, football, celebrity gossip, tech-mology and a few other odd topics. Hang out and enjoy your stay. Just don't steal any of my rhubarb! This isn't alley property!

My favorite virtual synthesizers: ReFX's Nexus2 is my new favorite, followed by Digital Lennar's Sylenth, Camel Audio's Alchemy (although it's been discontinued), Native Instruments Massive, the Tone2 Tone Gladiator, Zebra2, and the Albino 3. You can't complain about $180 synths. Back in the day it was $2,000 to $3,000 for a bulky hardware synth.

Favorite hardware based synthesizers: The Access Virus.

Favorite trance acts: Speedball, Time in Motion, Archaic, Mindcore, Painkiller, ArtSense, Avalon, Mahamudra, Dissociative, Sonic Entity, Mad Maxx and of course Alien Disco Roadkill. I've posted one of my own work on my Pete Dzoghi on Soundcloud page. Recent tunes that I like? Hallucinogen "Spiritual Antiseptic Minty Fresh Confidence Mix" and "LSD World Sheet Of Closed String Mix" and Shpongle "Star Shpongled Banner".

Favorite 80's new wave bands? Uhhh this is embarrassing... Thompson Twins, Scritti Pollitti, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Gene Loves Jezebel, Billy Idol, the Cure, Simple Minds, OMD...

Favorite TV shows: Anything with the word "gold" in the title... Gold Rush, Jungle Gold...(but not "Golden Girls"). And I like anything to do with survival... Life Below Zero, Man VS Wild, Dual Survival (with the barefoot hippie guy).

Favorite Movies: Spinal Tap, Airplane, Vacation, Adventures in Babysitting, Tango & Cash

My Favorite gasoline: 87 Octane.